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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Undiscovered Sweeney Label?

Recently while scanning ebay auction listings I came across this travel brochure with a cover illustrated by Dan Sweeney. Sweeney was the creator of a beautiful series o
f labels for several hotels in the Far East in the 1930's and these are highly sought after by collectors today. To date, the following labels are known to exist: these include the Hong-Kong Hotel; The Peak Hotel, HK; Peninsula Hotel, HK; Repulse Bay Hotel, HK; Grand Hotel des Wagons-Lits, Peking; Astor House, Shanghai; Majestic Hotel, Shanghai; Palace Hotel, Shanghai; Grand Hotel Metropole, Hanoi; Continental Palace Hotel, Saigon; and Manila Hotel. With the discovery of this cover, there is the possibility that Sweeney created another label for this hotel; The Oriental, Bankok. If there are any collectors out there that have this label please let me know! We need confirmation! Also, for a great overview on this artist visit: This overview is part of a well-written and throughly researched site by fellow collector Joao-Manuel Mimoso who has one of the biggest and best collections of hotel luggage labels in the world. Happy Hunting!


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